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Organisations and their Acronyms

These are the main distributors currently covered by the database:

  • Cinema of Women (COW)
  • Cinenova [no acronym]
  • Circles [no acronym]
  • Film and Video Umbrella (FVU)
  • London Electronic Arts (LEA)
  • London Filmmakers' Co-operative (LFMC)
  • London Video Arts/London Video Access (LVA)
  • Lux [no acronym]
  • The Other Cinema (TOC)
  • The database also holds material from the following related organisations:

  • Arts Council England (ACE)
  • Arts Council Great Britain (ACGB)
  • Albany Video Distribution (AVD)
  • British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection (BAFV Study Collection)
  • British Film Institute (BFI)
  • Channel 4 (C4)
  • Council of Regional Arts Associations (CoRAA)
  • Friends of the Art Council – Operative (FACOP)
  • Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT)
  • Greater London Arts (GLA)
  • Greater London Arts Association (GLAA)
  • Greater London Council (GLC)
  • Independent Filmmakers Association (IFA)
  • Independent Film and Videomakers Association (IFVA)
  • Independent Film, Video and Photography Association (IFVPA)
  • Institute for Research in Art and Technology (IRAT)
  • Joint Funders' Strategy Group (JFSG)
  • London Arts Board (LAB)
  • London Boroughs Association (LBA)
  • London Borough Grants Scheme (LBGS)
  • London Film and Video Development Agency (LFVDA)
  • New Opportunities Fund (NOF)
  • South West Arts (SWA)
  • South West Arts Board (SWAB)
  • TV South West (TSW)
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